People’s Park Centre holds a mixture of offices, shops, and residential units. Its unique features make this shopping mall one of a kind. The complex is an ideal OOH location for businesses that want to market their brand.

Symbolic platform emitting amazing larger-than-life visuals leaving an everlasting impression on your preferred audience. The most viable option when brands are seeking ways to turn heads and optimize viewership. Strategically located in the heart of Chinatown, along busy roads and intersections for visual optimization.

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People’s Park Centre is a mixed-use development, strata-titled development located at the junction of Eu Tong Sen Street and Upper Cross Street in the heart of Chinatown next to Chinatown MRT station and the tallest commercial building in Singapore, the State Courts Towers standing at 174m. It is the busiest junction leading to CTE/AYE with heavy vehicle traffic and pedestrians with almost 3 million eyeballs monthly.

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Why Choose People's Park Centre for OOH Advertising

People’s Park Centre has attracted loads of advertising billboards with its distinctive architecture. Here is why you should choose this location :

Ample media space for large-format OOH advertising

People’s Park Centre media space is big enough to accommodate large formats of OOH to reach many consumers entering the building, pedestrians, and motorists.

Ideal for place-based advertising

People’s Park Centre houses businesses, restaurants, residential units, and more. Shoppers, business owners, families, locals, expats, tourists, and senior citizens frequent this location, making it ideal for place-based OOH advertisements where you want to reach your target audience.

High traffic and pedestrian count

The total pedestrian count per month is approximately 1,672,917, and traffic is at 1,596,522 cars per month. Also, the building has no visible interference or obstacles to obscure the view of your OOH sign by motorists and pedestrians.

Offering both static and digital OOH

People’s Park Centre is the only placement that combines static and digital OOH advertising in Singapore. You can use this to your advantage to create a more impactful and attention-grabbing campaign that targets consumers differently.

With our passion and focus on attaining excellence, you can increase your brand awareness by choosing the People’s Park Centre location.






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